In the context of climate change, Algeria is subject to adverse impacts of climate change. Several climate scenarios for Algeria project a substantial rise in temperature already by 2020, along with a significant decrease in rainfall and increased evaporation, leading to increased water shortage and exacerbating people's vulnerability to health risks. But also the forestry sector plays an important role for Algeria. Given that 84% of the country is covered by the Sahara, sustainably managing existing forests is not only a factor for mitigating climate chage, but also important for the biological balance of this fragile ecosystem.


Under the global project 'Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change' Algeria therefore focused on the key sectors of health (adaptation), water (adaptation), and forestry (mitigation) and analyzed priority areas of action in the three key sectors in form of three National Issues Papers as well as engaged national stakeholders through a National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change.

According to this analysis completed in March 2009, priority measures included activities for the sustainable use of forests to curb desertification, increasing the efficient use and treatment of water, as well as tackling the main deseases including malaria, respiratory deseases and water-borne deseases. All approaches analyzed are based on the national development strategy and sectoral plans.


The National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change was held in Algiers on 19-20 March, 2009 (Documents available in French only)

The National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue brought together 66 of national stakeholders from line ministries including finance, habitat, and key sectors, as well as NGOs and international experts, and served as a platform to exchange on Climate Change topics including Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance and Technology transfer.


National issues papers on selected key sectors (Available in French only)

On each selected key sector one National Issues Paper was prepared by a national expert, analyzing the relevance of the sector for the country, main constraints due to climate change / main emissions of CO2, as well as the financial and organizational structure of the sector. Also it analyzed existing plans, strategies and studies that are relevant for the sectors and synthesize priority areas of action to address climate change in the key sector.


Country information

Although this is not an exhaustive list, the file below shows some of the key information that is relevant for the forestry, water and health sectors in Algeria.

Background reading (zip file) including National Communication etc.