Under the global project 'Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change', Colombia undertook a national assessment of investment and financial flows (I&FF) needed to address climate change in the agriculture sector, and analyzed both options to adapt to climate change as well as options to mitigate climate change in the sector.

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The agriculture sector, which is highly dependent on climate conditions, is a critical sector within the changing face of the earth-atmosphere system. Particularly developing countries such as Colombia, which depend heavily on the agricultural sector, are known to suffer stronger climatic irritations, while having limited resources, technology and preparation to cope with climate change.

In this context, it is of vital importance to Colombia to define national priorities to tackle climate change in the agricultural sector, as well as investment and financial flows (I&FF) required to implement them. So the assessment of I&FF was focused on the agricultural sector, to support efficient planning of mitigation and adaptation measures required to address climate change. According to the assessment the main measures to tackle climate change in the agricultural sector in Colombia require US$ 2,811.7 million, of which US$ 2,081.1 million are required for mitigation activities and US$ 730.6 million for adaptation.

  • See results flyer (Spanish, English) & executive summary for policy makers (Spanish) of Colombia
  • Access the final I&FF assessments in the agriculture sector (Spanish)

Colombia's concluding National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in Bogotá on 10 August 2011.IMG 6817

More than 50 representatives covering key line ministries, World Bank, Universities and Civil Society Organizations attended the dialogue, where the results of the I&FF assessments were presented and the next steps for their implementation were discussed in the context of national planning and the international negotiations.


Training on the UNDP investment & financial flows (I&FF) methodology was held in Bogotá on 1-2 December 2009.

15 experts from the ministries of environment, agriculture and other organizations received a 3-day training on the methodology to carry out I&FF assessments from their Regional Centre of Excellence in collaboration with UNDP.

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Colombia's Initial National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in Bogotá on 4-5 August 2009.

The the initial Dialogue launched the project nationally & served as a platform for representatives of line ministries and other agencies to exchange on Climate Change topics including Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance & Technology Transfer. The Dialogue was embedded in a week of climate change events from 29 July-5 August, organized by a range of agencies including United Nations and national key institutions. 100 participants from a broad range of line ministries, Non-Governmental Organizations and the International Community attended these events, which culminated in a set of conclusions for further action on the national level with regards to agriculture and climate change.

National Issues Papers on selected key sectors4152.colombia 2

Two National Issues Papers have been prepared by national experts, one on adaptation aspects of the agriculture sector and one on mitigation aspects of the agriculture sector. The papers analyze the relevance of the sector for the Colombia, main constraints due to climate change / main emissions of CO2, as well as financial and organizational structure of the sector. The National Issues Papers serve as an entry point for the following I&FF assessment.


Country Information

Although this is not an exhausting list, the file below shows some of the key information that is relevant for the energy and land-use sectors Colombia.