Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the biodiversity hotspots worldwide and climate change might 0334.Picture final dialogue Costa Ricaendanger compromising the rich flora and fauna. To understand the type of activities and magnitude of funds needed, Costa Rica conducted assessments of Investment and Financial Flows (I&FF) on adaptation to the impacts of climate change in the water and biodiversity sectors under the global project 'Capacity Development for policy Makers to Address Climate Change'. 

According to the assessment, the main adaptation measures in Costa Rica for the water and biodiversity sectors require total I&FF of US$ 3.4 billion, of which the water sector will require US$ 2.1 billion and the biodiversity sector US$ 1.4 billion. The I&FF assessment was coordinated by an Inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET), complemented by the work of a consulting firm. This initiative was a useful and positive experience for the Government of Costa Rica, at the political as well as at the technical level, and the Government considers this initiative important for Costa Rica to reach Carbon Neutrality in 2021.

  • See results flyer (English, Spanish) & executive summary for policy makers (Spanish) of Costa Rica
  • Access the final I&FF assessments on the sectors water & biodiversity (Spanish)

Having completed its I&FF assessment as the first country, Costa Rica FLUJOS 006held its Final Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on 21-22 April 2010 in San José.

More than 60 representatives covering key line ministries plus international organizations including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) attended the dialogue, where the results of the I&FF assessments were presented and the next steps for their implementation were discussed in the context of national planning and the international negotiations.


The training on the UNDP investment & financial flows (I&FF) methodology was held in San Jose on 11-13 August 2009.

More than 30 national experts from the ministries of environment, planning, economy & commerce and more, as well as consultants from other organizations received a 3-day training on the methodology to carry out I&FF assessments.


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The Initial National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in San José on 6-7 May 2009.

The the initial Dialogue, attended by more than 70 participants from key line ministries, Central Bank of Costa Rica, private sector, universities and Civil Society Organizations launched the project nationally & served as a platform for representatives of line ministries and other agencies to exchange on Climate Change topics including Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance & Technology Transfer. There was a strong media presence at the Dialogue, including newspapers and TV channels. The Dialogue culminated in a recommendation to policy makers, which was prepared on the last day of the Dialogue.



National Issues Papers on selected key sectors1738.P1010989 small

On both key sectors one National Issues Paper was prepared by a national expert, analyzing the relevance of the sector for the country, main constraints due to climate change, as well as financial and organizational structure of the sector. The National Issues Papers serve as an entry point for the following I&FF assessment.


Country Information

Although this is not an exhausting list, the file below shows some of the key information that is relevant for the water and biodiversity sectors in Costa Rica.