Nepal will focus on the key sectors of forestry (mitigation), agriculture (adaptation), health (adaptation) and water and glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) (adaptation), and is currently preparing a workplan for the assessment of investment & financial flows for these key sectors.

The National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in Dhulikhel on 10-11 February, 2009.

National Inter-ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change

  • Agenda
  • List of Workshop participants
  • Presentation on Health (adaptation)
  • Presentation on Agriculture (adaptation)
  • Presentation on Forestry (mitigation)
  • Presentation on Water (adaptation)
  • UNDP Presentation
  • Recommendations
  • Final Workshop Report
  • Media Coverage

National Papers

  • National issues paper on Forestry (mitigation)
  • National issues paper on Agriculture (adaptation)
  • National issues paper on Water & GLOFs (adaptation)
  • National issues paper on Health (adaptation)

Country Information

  • Country group (Membership Required)
  • Country adaptation profile (summary of country-level adaptation information from the Adaptation Learning Mechanism)
  • Country profile on climate change (summary of country-level climate data funded by the National Communications Support Programme and DfID)
  • Ministry of Environment website