Peru will focus on the key sectors of agriculture (adaptation), fisheries (adaptation), and water (adaptation), and is about to commence preparation of a workplan for the assessment of investment & financial flows for these key sectors.

The National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in Lima on 22-24 July, 2009.

The training on the UNDP investment & financial flows (I&FF) methodology was held in Lima on 18-19 November 2010, and Peru has set up its team for the I&FF assessment for the key sectors of agriculture (adaptation), water (adaptation) and fisheries (adaptation).

Investment & Financial Flows training (Available in Spanish only)

  • Agenda
  • Participant list
  • UNDP presentation on I&FF methodology
  • Presentation on I&FF methodology for fishery (adaptation)
  • Presentation on I&FF methodology for agriculture (adaptation)
  • Presentation on I&F methodology for water (adaptation)
  • Stocktaking presentation
  • Presentation on workplan preparation
  • Work plan
  • Presentation on Reporting Guidelines

National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change (Available in Spanish only)

  • Agenda
  • List of Participants
  • UNDP Presentation on the Bali Action Plan
  • UNDP Presentation on I&FF methodology
  • Presentation on Agriculture
  • Presentation on Fisheries
  • Presentation on Water
  • Peru and Climate Change
  • Adaptation strategy for Peru to address Climate Change
  • Recommendations to Ministers
  • Final Workshop Report

Media Coverage

  • Press Peru
  • ANDINA - Agencia Peruana de Noticias

National Papers (Available in Spanish only)

  • National issues paper on Agriculture
  • National issues paper on Fisheries
  • National issues paper on Water

Country Information

  • Country group (Membership required)
  • Country adaptation profile (summary of country-level adaptation information from the Adaptation Learning Mechanism)
  • Website of Ministry of Environment