How do I search for a document that I want in the Publications Database?

The Publications Database section of the site contains a multilingual library of hundreds of documents concerning a vast array of topics and knowledge pertinent to climate change issues. You can search this database by key words, language, type of publication, country, and year of publication. Use more than one key word to narrow your search (e.g., adaptation, water). You are also able to narrow your search using multiple parameters e.g. selecting key words adaptation and water, selecting the French language, and selecting the year 2009.

How do I upload a document to the Publications Database?

We invite you to help build knowledge of the site by submitting your own relevant publication and uploading them yourself. Please note that we are actively seeking documents in all languages, which means you can fill out the "Submit Publication" form entirely in the language of the article (with the exception of providing the Title in English when prompted). To submit a publication, please have on hand:

• The name of the publication

• Title in English

• Language

• Type of Publication

• Author

• Summary

• Keywords

• Related Countries

• Publisher

• Date Published

• The articles' URL or actual document to be uploaded

Because there are hundreds of documents already published to the site, providing succinct keywords are vital for the readers to be able to search the database quickly for your publication. For example, if your publication's title reads "Adaptation of forest ecosystems and the forest sector to climate change", ensure that they keywords you enter are "forestry" and "adaptation".

It is also vital that you include a succinct summary of your publication so that readers can quickly understand its' relevance.

When you are ready to submit your publication and have all relevant information on hand, click the "Submit Publication" button in the "Publications Database." If the documents are under 5 MBs feel free to send them directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You do not need to be a member of the site to post documents to the site. The documents must be approved before being published in the database by the project team so please keep in mind that they will not instantaneously appear on the site.