First Newsletter Low-Emission Capacity-Building Project

First newsletter available from UNDP's Low-Emission Capacity-Building Programme

We are pleased to share the first edition of the Low Emission Capacity Building Programme Global Support Unit Newsletter. In this issue you will find:

  • A programme overveiw and introduction to the team 
  • A country spotlight: Chile
  • An article about the LECB programme contribution to climate finance readiness, among other things.


Envisioned as a country-driven initiative, the Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme works with partner governments to implement national projects that support sustainable mitigation actions in both the public and industrial sectors. The five-year, $28M Programme was launched in 2011, and is funded by the generous contributions of the European Commission, the the governments of Germany (BMU), and Australia. The programme's overall objectives are to strengthen capacities in participating countries in the following ways:

  • ƒƒ Develop greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory management systems ƒƒ
  •  Elaborate opportunities for nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs)
  • ƒƒ Design low emission development strategies (LEDS) in the context of national priorities
  • ƒƒ Design systems for measuring, reporting, and verifying proposed actions and means to reduce GHG emissions
  • ƒƒ Facilitate the design and adoption of mitigation actions by selected industries (in some countries)


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