The Gambia

Gambia undertook a national assessment of the investments required to address climate change in the energy (mitigation), forestry (mitigation), agriculture (adaptation) and water (adaptation) sectors under the global project 'Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change'.P1030636 small

See results flyer & executive summary for policy makers of The Gambia (documents available in English only).

Access the final Investment and Financial Flows (I&FF) assessments on the sectors energy, forestry, agriculture, and water.


Gambia's concluding National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue took place in Banjul on 12-13 October 2011.

The concluding dialogue brought together about 70 officials from Ministries including Water, Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, as well as officials from International Organizations including the African Development Bank, and a broad range of media representatives. The participants discussed the outcomes and implications of the I&FF assessments and provided feedback on the assessments as well as discussed policy implications of the results.


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The training on the UNDP investment & financial flows (I&FF) methodology was held in Banjul on 11-13 November 2009.

More than 40 officials from key line ministries were trained on the use of the methodology to conduct I&FF assessments in national key sectors. During the 3-day training also teams were formed to conduct the assessments over the following months and the workplan containing objectives and timelines was crafted.



The Initial National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in Banjul on 29-30 January 2009.

About 50 representatives from the Ministries of Environment, Forestry, Energy, Agriculture, Water, and Education gathered to exchange and learn about topics related to climate change, including Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance and Technology Transfer. The participants also discussed matters of special national focus with regards to climate change, particularly adaptation to climate change in the sectors agriculture and water, as well as mitigation of climate change in the energy and forestry sectors.


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National Issues Papers on selected key sectors

On each selected key sector one National Issues Paper was prepared by a national expert, analyzing the relevance of the sector for The Gambia, main constraints due to climate change / main emissions of CO2, as well as the financial and organizational structure of the sector. Also it analyzed existing plans, strategies and studies that are relevant for the sectors and synthesize priority areas of action to address climate change in the key sector and functioned as an entry point for the I&FF assessment.


Country Information

Although this is not an exhaustive list, the files below show some key information that is relevant for the energy, forestry, water and health sectors in The Gambia.