Uruguay is currently preparing a workplan for the assessment of investment & financial flows. The National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue was held in Montevideo on 14 April, 2010.

The training on the UNDP investment & financial flows (I&FF) methodology was held in Montevideo on 15 April 2010.

National Inter-Ministerial Dialogue on Climate Change (Materials in Spanish only)

  • Agenda
  • List of Workshop participants
  • UNDP Presentation on Bali Action Plan & UNDP I&FF methodology
  • Presentation on negotiation process
  • Presentation Sistema Nacional de Respuesta al Cambio Climático
  • Final Workshop Report
  • Final I&FF workplan

Investment & Financial Flows training (Materials in Spanish only)

  • Agenda
  • List of participants
  • UNDP presentation on I&FF methodology
  • Presentation on reporting on the I&FF assessment
  • Final I&FF workplan